Wednesday, 17 January 2018



We are going to write about the books that Josep Lluís brought to us (that are from a library). 3 days in a week he brought us a cardboard box, inside the box there were many books. He divided up the books between the tables. He gave us time to look at all the books. If someone likes one of them,  we can read it in this hour. All the books were interesting and we had a good time. We hope you like reading too.

Eric and Jana.

Thursday, 11 January 2018

What we did in the last class

Last class we prepared the basic competences exam in English because in May we have some very important tests about basic competences.

We are very nervous because these are exams.

Last term we practidsed not only for the English tests but also for Social Studies, Maths, Catalan and Spanish. 

We wish good luck for all our schoolmates.

Writen by Aday & Marina. :)

Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Our school's "Festival": La Immaculada

Last Tuesday has been La Immaculada, and in our school we have celebrated a festival.
In the morning we have eaten a collective breakfast. Then we have gone to the playground and played board games while we listened to music. In the afternoon we have played board games (only a little time), and then a music band, Taplankat has played a concert for us.
We have enjoyed a lot that day.

Marina P. & Anna F.

Thursday, 9 November 2017


Today we will explain you some news.

Yesterday, Wednesday 8th November, here, in Catalonia there was a collective strike. Some events were: all the protesters cut off the motorways and the AVE's tracks. Now we will explain what we did in school. In the morning, Carme let us take chromebooks and do homework. And in the afternoon we could watch a film or play board games.

Now we will explain a little about the Young Scientist Challenge. This is a challenge from the US to decide who is the better young scientist from there. This year's winner is an eleven-year-old girl called Gitanjali Rao. She did a project called Tethys to detect lead's rests in the water. This way we can purify it.
We hope you like this post.

Roger & Anna

Thursday, 26 October 2017


Today Roger and Ivan's father came to teach about drones. He said that there are a lot of types of drones. 
He explained the parts of the drones.
In the end of the class he flew a drone but he flew the little one because the big one didn't have the propeller. He took photo of the class when it was flying. It was very fun and very beautiful.

Joan  and Ivan

Today Roger's father came to school to tell us about drones and he was very good.
The best part was when we went to the playground to take a photo with the drone from above.
He told us about the the parts, the use and why it uses the propeller. 
Drones are his hobby.
One drone was built by Roger's father. It was very interesting.
Thank you David!

Aday & Teo

Hi!!! Today, Wednesday 25th October, Roger and Ivan's father came to school because he wanted to tell us about DRONES. We liked the part when we went to the top playground to fly a little drone because it's his hobby. He explained the parts of the drones, its use and the favorite part of the class was when he took a photo with the drone. And it was a lot of fun. 

Martina and Irene

Today twenty fifth of October, Roger and Ivan's father (David). Told us about drones parts with a presentation.
It's his hobby and David built a big drone and the drone has a camera, G.P.S and green,red and white lights.
We went to the playground and the drone took a photograph and a video. The drone flew 15 meters high. The drone is in the market.

Bruna and Martí

Hello! We are David and Marina. Today Roger and Ivan father's came to the  school to present a presentation about Drones. He brought two drones, he built one and the other he bought for three hundred €. After the presentation we went to the top playground to see the drone fly. The drone has a camera and it took a photo. It was a very interesting and fun class.

Marina and David P.

Today Roger and Ivan's father, explained his favorite hobby: drones. He did a presentation about parts of drones. There are many drones in the world. One part of the drones is for professionals and the other part is for playing. The name of their father is David. 
When the presentation was finished,  when Marta entered the classroom, Montse asked her a question: "Can we go to the top playground because David wants to fly the drone?" The drone flew 15 metres high!

Pol and Albert 

We've learned about drones. Some toy drones are very beautiful. Roger and Ivan's father did a presentation about drones. And then we went to the top playground and connected the cable and the drone flew. 

Daniel and David R. 

Once upon a time... A normal Wednesday we received an unexpected visit. Roger and Ivan's father came with two giant bags. We asked him why he was in the school and he answered he came to explain a very special thing. 
He talked about drones and their use.
Then we went to the playground and e laid on the ground. Then he flew a drone and took a photo. 
It was an interesting experience. 

Aleix and Anna

David, Roger & Ivan's father, came to our class today to talk about drones. That is no his job but it is his hobby and he loves drones. He explained things about it with a powerpoint. And then we went to the playground and he made the drone fly. We enjoyed it a lot! Thanks a lot David!

Roger & Jana

Today, Wednesday 25th October, we had aa different class. We talked about drones. Roger and Ivan's father came to tell us about drones and showed us two drones he built. One of the drones was big and the other was smaller. When Roger and Ivan's father finished the presentation, we went to the top playground and he took our photograph with the little drone. 

Manel and Àlex

Hello. Today Roger and Ivan's father came to the class. He did a presentation about drones and he explained. 

Carla and Saray

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Today we are going to talk about the field trip of 6th A.
Last week we went to Palamós. The journey was very long. When we arrived, we ate breakfast. The monitors were present, and their names were Odín, Crispi and Kiwi, and we played Police vs. Thieves.
And then we played in the free time 30 minutes, we played football, went to the forest... 
Then we had lunch. Before lunch we sang a song.
And after we played 1 hour.
And then we went to the port of Palamós and we looked at fishing ships and we went to the fishing museum.
After the visit we had a snack, chocolate and Maria cookies.
And we went to the house.
When we arrived we played 1 hour in the free time.
Then we had dinner and afterwards we played the night game.
After that the monitors prepared a disco.
And we went to sleep.
At night no one slept and everbody talked and the teachers got angry.
The next day we woke up at 8 o clock.
We got dressed and we packed the bags and we played 1hour free time.
After that we went to the beach and we looked at the animals that were in the rocks.
We had lunch and we returned to Barcelona.

Teo & Laura

Wednesday, 27 September 2017


Welcome to our blog! We are 6th A class. In this blog we write all the cool things we do in class. We proposed many names for the blog and then voted and finally the winner was "English tsunami". Do you like this name? "English tsunami" had 10 votes! Somtimes we write here but not all the days because we are working 😝. We hope you like this blog! Bye bye! Thanks for reading!

By: Laura, Marina, Carla & Jana

Hi, now you are reading the blog of our class, 6 A.
We all have chosen the name by voting, the winner was "English Tsunami" with 10 points, the second position was for "English Revolution" and "English Heroes" with 6 points and the third position was for "English Players" with 5 points. Every week a different pair will write a text in the blog.
We hope we will learn a lot and we hope you like it!😏

By: Manel, David P., Eric & Anna

Today the class 6th A has created an English blog. (The winner name is English Tsunami) We have decided the name with votes. The other names are:
  • English revolution (with 6 votes)
  • English players (with 5 votes) 
  • English heroes (with 6 votes)
  • English wizards (with 4 votes)
  • English sports (with 2 votes)
  • English racing (with 3 votes)
  • English inventors (with 2 votes)
  • University S.A. ( with 1 vote)
  • English news (with 1 vote)
This blog is to write things in English. For example to do news or texts. 

By: Joan, Albert, Aday, Dani

Hello! This is the blog of 6A, the whole class decided the name. We voted and the names were English revolution, English players, English racing, English heroes, English inventors, English Tsunami, English wizards, English sports and University S.A.
The children will write in the blog.

By: Irene, Saray, Roger, Ariadna

Hello! We are the children of 6th A.  In this blog we are posting ENGLISH TSUNAMI activities. We want to study English and we like it. Because English is a lot of fun. We want you to like this blog.
The end.

By; Martí, David R., Pol, Martina, Bruna

Hello! This is the new blog of 6th A. The name of this blog is English Tsunami. This year we will work a lot. We hope you enjoy this blog.

By: Àlex, Aleix, Teo, Ivan.